Episode 10 – The Dream Team vs 2012 US Men’s Team – Part 1

In a departure from the standard player vs player episode, we decide to take a crack at comparing teams in this first installment of a 2 part episode.  And what better time, as we post this the Olympics are in full swing!  Yes, it’s the Winter Olympics not the Summer Olympics, and apparently it’s very hard to play basketball on skates.  But we don’t care.  Also, the format is a little bit different, as we actually grade the teams 1-10 on several different categories so in the end each team will have an actual number grade.  This episode gets into so many things – after all, we’re comparing two of the most talented basketball teams ever assembled.  Jordan vs LeBron.  Bigs vs modern athletes who stretch the floor.  Blowouts vs even bigger blowouts.  But would a game between these two teams lead to a blowout?  We get into these topics and a whole lot more on this very Olympic 2 part episode of The G.O.A.T.!

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